Download DiskDigger Pro APK File Recovery App Latest Version 1.0 [2020]

Recover Files from Android with DiskDigger Pro

Did you ever accidentally delete some important files from your mobile which may include photos, documents, videos, music, etc. You must be getting worried and looking for various articles mentioning the ways to recover those deleted files online. Fret no more, Diskdigger pro apk got you covered.

While searching the internet for various such apps, you may come across hundreds of such free applications that can help you in recovering the deleted documents and files in your mobile device. But none of them stands a chance against DiskDigger pro apk

In this article will be providing complete details regarding DiskDigger pro apk that can help you in recovering deleted files of various formats easily and quickly. This article will guide you with the important details of DiskDigger pro apk including features, ways to download and install this application.

But, I always request you to read the article completely before downloading DiskDigger pro apk to avoid any problem in the future

What is DiskDigger Pro APK ?

DiskDigger pro apk is a powerful and popular data/file recovery tool for Android Devices. The app can work with or without allowing root access to your device

This app can help in getting all the files, documents, images and videos of various formats back to your android mobile device.

But the pre-condition of using DiskDigger pro apk in your Android mobile is that the phone should be rooted in order to make use of the app to its fullest.

In case your Android phone is not rooted you can still use this apk for recovering the deleted files but some of the features will not be available for use.

For non-rooted Android mobile users, DiskDigger pro apk can be only used for recovering the deleted images having less resolution. (More like the thumbnail cache stored on the gallery)

However it is worthwhile software, considering the above caveats.

With the help of DiskDigger pro apk, after recovering the files successfully to your mobile device users need to click on the cleanup icon.

This cleanup option will help in making the extra space available on mobile devices.

After recovering the files successfully with the help of DiskDigger pro apk, you will be able to save such files or photos in Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can access such files anytime and anywhere in the future.

Some of the file formats that can be recovered with the help of DiskDigger pro apk are JPG, DNG, MP4, XLS, DOCS, and PDF, etc.

Talking about the specification of the Android phone that is required for installing DiskDigger pro apk, this apk requires Android within the operating system of more than 4.0 and the size of this apk is 1.66 MB

What are the new Key Features of DiskDigger pro?

  • One of the most important features of this apk is that it helps in recovering deleted files, documents, images and videos in your mobile device.
  • It works perfectly well on rooted mobile devices that help the user in availing all the functions of DiskDigger pro apk.
  • Even if the mobile is not rooted properly, the user can still use this apk for recovering low-resolution images.
  • DiskDigger pro apk also comes with an important feature of a cleanup option that helps in deleting files permanently after recovering the important documents.
  • With the help of DiskDigger, pro apk users can recover files of multiple formats.
  • DiskDigger pro apk is capable of searching all the deleted images and gives an option to the user of downloading the important images again to the mobile.
  • Once the user has downloaded the images, DiskDigger pro apk also comes with the feature of increasing the quality of the photos.
  • DiskDigger pro also provides convenience to the users, as after recovering all the files using this APK the files will be arranged based on category.

DiskDigger pro Apk information

Application information
AuthorDefiant Technologies
Version1.0 stable
Size1.66 MB
Requires Android4.0 or higher

Some common how-to

How to install DiskDigger pro apk to recover deleted files on Android ?

  1. Install the apk from below

    First of all, find the download button at the bottom of this website.

  2. Enable installation from 'Unknown sources'

    To Enable it Navigate Settings>Security>Unknown Sources. If you will find a checkbox named 'Unknown sources' unchecked, you may need to check that field.

  3. Find the apk in your file manager

    After downloading Diskdigger pro find the downloaded apk in your file manager. We recommend using the Es file manager and open Diskdigger mod apk.

  4. Voila! You have installed Diskdigger pro

    After opening the apk file click on 'Next' to allow necessary permission for the app to run. Now you are ready to go and have successfully installed Diskdigger pro.

How to recover files on Android using DiskDigger pro apk

Once the DiskDigger pro apk gets installed in your mobile device, the following steps should be followed for using this application to recover the deleted files successfully.

  • Click on the application icon to open the app after installing the apk successfully on your mobile.
  • On the homepage of DiskDigger, you will be able to view an option showing “start basic photo scan”.
  • Start a basic photo scan option that will be available for you if you have not rooted your phone.
  • On the other hand, if your phone is successfully rooted, you will be able to view an option to full scan the mobile device for recovering the deleted files and images.
  • Click on start basic scan option.
  • After clicking on this option DiskDigger will start searching your mobile device for all the images that got deleted accidentally in the past.
  • After completing the scanning you will be able to view the list of all deleted files.
  • After viewing the list of all the deleted images, tick the checkbox for the images that you want to recover back to your mobile device.
  • After selecting the images that you want to recover click on the recover button which is present at the top of the screen.
  • Once the user clicks the recover button, a popup will open that will show three options to save the images.Three options are:
    • Saving the recovered images in the email Dropbox Google drive.
    • Saving the recovered images in the internal memory of the mobile.
    • Upload the file’s data recovered using DiskDigger to the FTP server.
  • If the user wants to save the recovered images in the internal memory of a mobile, browse the folder of the internal storage where you want to save the files and click on ok.

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, visit the file manager to view that the file has been recovered successfully in the mobile device or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  1. Is using DiskDigger harmful for your device?

    Using DiskDigger in such a situation to recover deleted files does not cause any harm to your mobile. However, it does require root access to fully function.

    So you might want to look into the harms of rooting your device first.

  2. What changes in the settings needs to be done to use DiskDigger pro apk?

    Before using DiskDigger pro apk, you should root your phone. Once your mobile device is rooted you can easily use DiskDigger pro apk by clicking on a “start basic photo scan”. following the on-screen instructions.

  3. What all applications are available in the market which can be used for recovering deleted photos?

    DiskDigger pro is one of the finest applications that can be used to recover the deleted photographs. Some of the other apps that can serve the same purpose are Recuva, undeleter, mini tool mobile recovery, etc.

  4. Can DiskDigger pro apk can be used to recover the permanently deleted videos?

    Yes, if you have installed the free version of DiskDigger pro apk, it can help you in recovering the permanently deleted photos and videos.

Download Diskdigger pro apk

Keeping all technical details aside, its time for restoring your accidentally deleted files on Android. Download the latest version of DiskDigger pro from below to get started.

Download this APK in your mobile device quickly, below mentioned step should be followed.

  • Click on the link provided above.
  • After clicking on the link, you will be directed to the new page having the download button.
  • Click on the download button to start the downloading of DiskDigger pro apk.
  • Sometimes after clicking on the link provided below instead of opening a new page downloading will start automatically.